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June 9, 2022

Earlier this year, Pinterest published its predicted trends for 2022, which included over 30 categories of searches and trends that were on the rise. To help you get the most out of this information, we’re putting together multiple blogs sorted by industry with related rising trends you should be looking out for, as well as tips on how to incorporate certain trends into your work.

This specific blog is for the food bloggers, restaurant owners, or anyone who does anything related to food!

Trend: Night Moves

Summary: “The most memorable adventures will happen after sundown in 2022. People will turn to the quiet of the after-hours to invest in their travel bucket lists and nature excursions. Gen Z is driving this trend—good thing our phones take better night photos than ever. Into the dark you go.”

Tip: Fuel people for their after-hours adventures with late-night eats. Feature special menus to keep them energized during their evening excursion, or create a special night meal and dessert combo for takeout or delivery.

Trend: Be Jeweled

Summary: “Bring the bling… to everything. Gen Z is driving a trend toward accessories that go way beyond the basic earring, cuff or layered necklace. They’re getting creative and accessorizing the whole body, from tooth gems to crystal eye embellishments.”

Tip: Encourage people to add a little sparkle to their dessert table. Offer up content that features embellished cakes, bedazzled charcuterie boards or glitter cappuccinos.

Trend: Flexercise

Summary: “Low impact is the new high intensity. This year, people of all ages will fall in love with more mellow ways to move their bodies. From starting a daily stretching routine to nature walks: It’s time to choose your own adventure.”

Tip: Share recipe ideas that people can whip up for a post-flexercise snack. Or if they’re not in the mood to cook, encourage people to have a special meal delivered to welcome them home from their low-impact adventure.

Trend: Cuppa time

Summary: “In 2022, people will choose darjeeling with a friend over drinks after work. Afternoon tea is more than a meal—it’s a moment, an aesthetic, a pose. Searches for “tea party aesthetic” and “drinking tea pose” are climbing across all age groups. Pinkies up: you’re royal-tea now.”

Rising trends to look out for

Tip: Food brands can offer up ideas for tea sandwich recipes and tea tasting menus. And retail brands can showcase modern kettles or traditional tea towels for an elegant cuppa time aesthetic.

Trend: Barkitecture

Summary: Pampering your pets isn’t enough anymore. Try animal-first…architecture. In 2022, people will redesign their homes with Fido and Felix at the forefront, from luxury dog rooms to “catified” homes. Millennial, Gen X and Boomer pet parents are driving this trend.

Tip: “Pets love a good dessert, too. Use video ads to encourage people to make homemade treats for their furry friends like peanut butter pumpkin biscuits.”

Trend: Altbashes

Summary: “RSVP to a new reason to celebrate. In 2022, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers will embrace celebrations that mark fresh milestones and open new chapters. Empty nest? Party. Adoption went through? Party. Bad breakup? Here’s a cake.”

Rising trends to look out for

Tip: Use video ads to help people whip up just the right treats to commemorate memorable milestones—like breakup cakes.

Trend: Higher Frequency

Summary: “People are being called to a higher consciousness in 2022. Gen Z are looking for ways to raise their vibration, searching for spiritual awakening stages and even aura colors.”

Tip: Show people just how healing food can be. Highlight unexpected wellness benefits within your ingredients or share products that will enhance their meditation practice—like tea.

Trend: Limitless Luxe

Summary: “It’s nothing new to want a little luxe in your life, but how about the laundry room? And the luxury basement? In 2022, people will give luxurious makeovers to their home’s nooks and crannies. For Millennials and Gen X, forgotten spaces will become conversation starters when you have guests over.”

Tip: Show people how to put a luxury twist on takeout. Pair fast food with fancy cocktails or serve pizza on fine china.

Trend: Ancestral Eats

Summary: “Simmer down, experimental chefs—we’re going back to the basics. This year, Gen X and Boomers will say goodbye to over-the-top eating experiences and embrace their roots (or somebody else’s!). Gather ‘round the table for traditional dishes from all over the globe. It’s the oral history we need in 2022.”

Rising trends to look out for

Tip: Help people replace the modern meal with global cuisine. Inspire them to turn a basic chicken dinner into a South African or Filipino delicacy with specific spices and ingredients.

Trend: Batter Up

Summary: “Enough with the pie bars. Cake pops had their moment. In 2022, bakers will give us the badly *kneaded* cake break we’ve all been waiting for. People will craft elaborate cakes to express whatever mood they’re in, from gravity-defying tiers to bubble and 3D cakes. This trend is especially popular among Millennials, Gen X and Boomers.”

Rising trends to look out for

Tip: Help them make their cake and eat it, too. Use interest and keyword targeting to provide people with extraordinary cake recipes and special ingredients to create edible art.

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