Pinterest Design Insight: Creating On-Brand Pin Designs for Kate Hutchins [SERIES]

June 2, 2022

We’re back with our fourth Pin Design Insight series! If you’ve missed any of our previous blogs in this series, you can check them out below.

This month we’re designing pins for Kate Hutchins, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. She posts high street and high-end daily outfits, beauty must-haves, and lifestyle inspiration. Check her out on Instagram, YouTube, and LTK!

Surprisingly, Hutchins doesn’t have a Pinterest account, but we think she would do great on the platform since outfit inspiration is highly searched and pinned! Although it may suffice to simply post her photos on Pinterest, we think strategically designed pins would drive her engagement and views up even more. So let’s get started!

Branding Assets

Hutchins doesn’t seem to have any official branding or a website, only social media and a one-page bio for her Instagram. It was a bit tricky, but with some searching and assessing, we’ve put together some “branding materials” for her.

Note that we highly recommend having professional branding done before starting Pinterest services, which Lucky Bee does offer! You can get a view of our branding work here; if you’re interested in branding or design services, please fill out our contact form to get started!

Hutchins doesn’t have a logo, but it seems the primary colors she uses are black and white, with some beige neutrals thrown in once in a while, only for her outfit shopping posts on LTK though. The typefaces she uses in her graphics vary but all seem to be high-contrast serifs that exude elegance and feminity, which suits her personal brand and matches the way she dresses quite well. We’ve chosen Moderno FB as the primary header typeface to keep the pin designs consistent.

Hutchins also seems to use the typeface Montserrat (all caps with a bit of letter-spacing) for her subheaders, and also occasionally uses a script font; Scandilover Script was the closest one to the typeface she uses that we could find.

Designing the Pins

As always done when designing pins for a client, we’ve analyzed all of Hutchin’s social media accounts to see how she utilizes colors, type, and design elements. Below is a gallery of design examples that stood out to us.

The imagery really takes the spotlight in her content; type and other supporting elements (such as the white borders) don’t overpower Hutchins or the outfits and only are there to further push Hutchin’s high-fashion brand image.

Pin Design Outcome

Using Hutchin’s photos and design style, here are the pin designs that we came up with!

Since Hutchins doesn’t have a website, I put her name on the pins instead of a URL because creating brand awareness is still important. I utilized a lot of the same design decisions she’s used in her content already, such as white borders and white block backgrounds for headers (and black block backgrounds for subheaders!).


It’s been so fun designing pins for Kate Hutchins! We love her content and style and hope she gets started on Pinterest soon.

If you’re a fashion and/or beauty influencer and have not utilized Pinterest as a platform to grow your brand and business yet, start thinking about doing so! Women’s style and beauty are two of the biggest categories on Pinterest, making it a great way for businesses and brands that fit in those categories drive traffic to their websites, blogs, videos, and more! If you need guidance on how to get started on Pinterest for your business, you can check out our blog post or download our free How to Set Up Pinterest for Business guide.

As always, if you’re interested in our Pinterest services, which range from full Pinterest management to pin design to keyword research, you can get more information here.

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