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June 9, 2022

Earlier this year, Pinterest published its predicted trends for 2022, which included over 30 categories of searches and trends that were on the rise. To help you get the most out of this information, we’re putting together multiple blogs sorted by industry with related rising trends you should be looking out for, as well as tips on how to incorporate certain trends into your work.

This specific blog is for the lifestyle bloggers, wellbeing brands, and anyone who puts out content relating to the two!

Trend: Relation-tips

Summary: “Attachment styles. Couples counseling. Friendship dynamics. In 2022, people across all age groups will transform their relationships—with their partners, with their loved ones and with themselves.”

Rising trends to look out for

Trend: Emotional Escape Rooms

Summary: “Emotions, so hot right now. If you need a place to go to feel all the feels, there’s a room for that. People will plan their great (indoor) escapes and designate rooms in their homes to decompress, vibe and rage. All age groups are driving searches for music-themed rooms, crystal rooms and even rage rooms (!).”

Tip: Make sure you’re there when they search for self-care. Inspire them to create their very own at-home sanctuary by creating collections ads featuring essential oil diffusers, chic massage tables and vibey candles.

Trend: Mindful Menstruation

Summary: “If no body is the same, no cycle is either—period. In 2022, people will educate themselves on their menstrual health, from cycle phases and period care. Millennials are driving the searches behind this movement.”

Rising trends to look out for

Tip: Help people tune into their bodies with mood and menstrual-tracking apps. Educate them on the different cycle phases to help people optimize their lifestyle around their flow.

Trend: Calming Classrooms

Summary: “As kids head back into classrooms and reconnect with their community, teachers are bringing the chill with nature-themed classrooms and eucalyptus decor. This trend is rising across Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers.”

Tip: Inspire teachers to bring some serenity to the classroom. Create collections ads with calming essential oils in scents like lemongrass, eucalyptus and rainwater.

Trend: Higher Frequency

Summary: “People are being called to a higher consciousness in 2022. Gen Z are looking for ways to raise their vibration, searching for spiritual awakening stages and even aura colors.”

Rising trends to look out for

Tip: Highlight everything you offer in the wellness space from crystals and oils to tarot and incense. And don’t forget the vibey candles to take their meditation practice to new heights!

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