From a young age, an afternoon spent shopping was my idea of a perfect day. The moment I stepped through the doors of my first stop, Joann Fabrics, my mind would hum with the excitement of creating something unique. Each new medium offered endless possibilities. After checking out with my arms full of supplies for my next project, I would wander over to the bookstore next door. There sat endless aisles of fresh pages that I would later be swept away in, staying up late to read about new lands, ideas, and perspectives. When I tell you nothing made my heart sing more than reading stories and creating things, I mean it was what made me starry-eyed each day.

Now, younger me would be thrilled to find out that I get to blend both creating and storytelling into my work. I help business owners share their stories, value, and expertise through a lens of well-crafted design and marketing that is completely unique to them. Whether you’re looking for help with design work or marketing, my goal is to share your story in an exciting, captivating way. Let's leave your future customers with heart-eyes!

Let’s tell your unique story

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marketing & design

Before Lucky Bee existed, my career was in journalism and marketing. This foundation blends strategy into anything I design—not only does it look good, but I make sure there's a story behind it, too.

When I'm collaborating with business owners, my goal is to create an aesthetic that is representative of you, but moreso, I want it to speak to your ideal target audience. And by speak, I mean, let’s create things that will get them starry-eyed—we want them to absolutely love what you have to offer.

Pair this with my background in strategic marketing, and we’ll come up with something truly made for your business.

Hi, I'm Josie Raczynski

meet the founder

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Hi, I'm Josie

meet the founder

Hey I'm Josie, and welcome to Lucky Bee Creative Studio! Some say that as you get older you're drawn back to interests you held when you were younger; well, if that's true, then all you need to know is that I always had my hands in creative projects while growing up. Whether it was writing a family gazette, collaging my bedroom door, or even cross-stitching a beloved family slogan, I was constantly trying new things. It felt like my mission to tell stories through creative projects.

Now, I get to strategize new ways to design and market businesses, which, honestly, I feel like younger me could've predicted. The enneagram 5w4 in me loves to make things that stand out but also have a proven strategy behind them. 

Originally from the Twin Cities, I moved to Bozeman, Montana in early 2022. When I'm not curled up with a good book, you can find me in the mountains skiing, trail running, or camping. My husband and I have also been growing our little hobby farm with two pups, Bonnie & Anja, as well as ten chickens and four old  goats: Moe, Phil, Phil Jr. and Chester.



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