Personal Branding for Camila Dunne from Daisy Jones & The Six

March 27, 2023

What if Camila Dunne got a personal brand?

One thing I loved about the Daisy Jones & The Six TV series is the fashion! I read the book a few years ago and the set + styling choices really made it all come to life. It was fun watching Camila go from pretty bohemian in the beginning to dressing like a rock star’s wife towards the end.

If you watched the show, who had your favorite styling?! All the characters were ‘60s & ‘70s themed but they were all so different. I loved Simone’s styling too.

Here’s a little look into a fake personal brand I made for Camila Dunne! Logos, colors, patterns and all.

Camila Dunne Branding Logo Design

I wanted Camila’s logo to reflect the aesthetic of the time but still feel curvy and feminine.

Camila Dunne Branding Submark

This little submark took so long to make! I love how curvy it feels.

Camila Dunne Branding Colors

These branding colors have a 1970s aesthetic that still feels fun and feminine.

Camila Dunne Branding Pattern

I actually designed this branding pattern before I even started the logo process! I think nothing ties a brand together like a good branding pattern. This 1970s pattern reminds me of prints she wore in the beginning of the story, too—a lot of paisley/floral design.

Camila Dunne Social Design

Here are some graphics with her branding in action!

Take a peek at Camila Dunne’s full branding design in this reel!

Did you have a different favorite character in the show vs. the book? I liked Camila a lot more in the show. I was definitely rooting for Daisy in the book.

If you’re looking for retro branding design, I got you ✌ Fill out my contact form!

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