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December 8, 2020

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Print Work

We have experience in everything from magazine design to postcards to large-scale construction banners. Whether you’re looking for help with layout design, product design, or event design, we can help!

Divinely Designed

Divinely Designed: a Beautiful & Functional Home

coffee table book

We designed Divinely Designed: a Beautiful & Functional Home, a 250+ page coffee table book about home, faith, marriage and entrepreneurship. This book was self-published in early 2020.

Life is a Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos Magazine


We served as the art director and sole designer for Beautiful Chao’s e-magazine during the summer of 2020. The entire issue consists of 50 pages and covered topics in the realms of home, wellness and fashion, featuring bloggers and influencers from around the U.S. We helped coordinate the topics for each feature.

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