Pinterest Design Insight: Creating On-Brand Pin Designs for Heyday [SERIES]

May 2, 2022

Welcome back to Lucky Bee’s Pinterest Design Insight Series! If you’ve missed the previous two blogs where we designed on-brand pins for some of our other dream clients, you can check out the blog for stationery brand Papier here as well as the blog for travel blogger Lesley Murphy (also known as The Road Les Traveled) here.

Our dream client that we will be designing pins for this month is Heyday, a lifestyle and gift boutique located in downtown Bozeman, Montana. They offer a fresh approach to everyday celebrations and gift giving with an assortment of creatively designed and uncommon products that are special enough to give to all of your favorite people, and sometimes, even yourself! You can check out their website and follow their Instagram here.

Pinterest is used by tons of people to shop and look for inspiration for gift ideas as well as unique and/or creative items, making Heyday a great candidate for a brand that would do very well on the platform.

Branding Assets

Here are Heyday’s branding assets.

Heyday also has a lot of gorgeous product photography, which is great for Pinterest! Since the platform is almost like a visual search engine, high-quality photography is a gamechanger when it comes to attracting more visitors to your website.

Designing the Pins

After analyzing Heyday’s website and social media accounts, here are some of the copy and design styles that stood out to us.

  • These are the common header styles:
    • All uppercase text in white
    • Normal case text in black
    • All lowercase text in pink
  • Subheaders are usually all lowercase in the color black
  • Links and CTAs are either a pink rectangle button with white text or plain pink text with an underline
  • They primarily use photography to showcase products on their website and Instagram. If there is text on the image, it’s usually either just plain text overlaid on the image or text in a white box on top of the image.
  • Subjects/categories links (“Bar + tools,” “Food + drink,” etc.) have a gray rectangle background, as opposed to white or pink for buttons/links/CTAs

Pin Design Outcomes

And here are how the pin designs came out!

It was so fun designing these pins for Heyday! The combination of their refined and elegant typefaces with their amazing product photography easily made pins that are warm and inviting.


We hope you liked this month’s pin design insight for one of our dream clients, Heyday! Since lots of people use Pinterest for gift inspiration, lifestyle stores and gift shops just like Heyday tend to do pretty well on the platform. If you’re looking for unique gifts for others or for yourself, give their website a look! Or, if you happen to be in Bozeman, Montana, check out their physical store downtown!

If you’re interested in our pin design or other Pinterest management services, you can learn more about them here!

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