Our Favorite Pin Designs from 2021

February 22, 2022

Let’s be real – we all appreciate aesthetics, especially in our feeds.

I sometimes follow accounts just because I like how their feed looks or appreciate the colors in their branding and want to see more of what they come up with.

We know that you know how important good design is in your pins, but do you act on this insight? We sure hope so. Design can help tell the story of your pin so that words don’t have to. After all, are you more likely to click on a pin with a cohesive layout, or one with a basic photo?

At Lucky Bee, we have backgrounds in graphic design to better understand the anatomy of well-crafted pins, and to design pins that perform for our clients.

Just for fun, we gathered a collection of our favorite pin designs from 2021. Now we can come back to when we need inspiration or a good template idea. Let us know what you think!

So, what makes a good pin, you ask?

Great question! There are many details that go into a well crafted pin, but here are the main ones:

  • Colors: Your pin will stand out if it’s consistent with your branding. Color can help make your pin go from drab to eye-catching.
  • Layout: White space is powerful! Keep in mind, your viewer is sorting through a whiplash of colors and information in their feed.
  • Pin size: The size of your graphic should change depending on the type of pin you are creating. The standard size is 600×900 (2:3 ratio) pixels, and the max is 600×1200 pixels. Generally, you want them to be taller than their width so they take up more room in the Pinterest feed.
  • Message: Words should be concise, intentional and specific. Just because a design has words doesn’t mean it’s saying something. What headline can you add that will leave your audience dying to read more?

For more tips on Designing Viral Pinterest Graphics, check out this blog we wrote! Meanwhile, here are some of our favorite pin designs from 2021. 

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