February Pinterest Trend Polls – Results

February 18, 2022

Trends are incredibly fun. They are something so fluid and fleeting, yet they bring a little spark of novelty and joy to the people who can grasp at them as they’re in vogue. 

Here at Lucky Bee, trends are our thing. We research, interact and play with the trends of tomorrow so you can be ahead of the game. They are great inspiration for content creation, fashion, blogging and just about anything even remotely creative.

Our Instagram stories are featuring trends that you get to interact with by voting for your favorites. Here are the results from one of our February polls:

Prom Dress

Silk: 56%, Tulle: 44%

Spring Nails

Sage green: 63%, Neutral cow print: 37%

Valentine’s Day Snacks

Heart shaped pizza: 50%, Chocolate strawberries: 50%

Trending Hair

Blonde with black: 17%, Black with blonde: 83%

Superbowl Party Food

Pigs in a blanket: 41%, Buffalo wing board: 59%

(Yes, technically it’s written “Super Bowl.” However, Pinterest searchers most commonly type it as one word. Do with this information what you will.)

Easter Wreaths

Bunny ears: 55%, Carrot bunch: 45%

Self Care Night

Sugar scrub: 30%, Frothy cocoa: 70%

Blue Wallpaper

Collage: 18%, Photo: 82%


Neutral: 45%, Color pop: 55%

Spring Nails

Boho color: 36%, Gradient neutral: 64%


Sweet: 21%, Savory: 79%

Pink Almond Nails

Bright: 29%, Neutral 71%

Room Design

Retro: 42%, Hamptons 58%

Travel Destination

NYC: 40%, Paris: 60%

Thank you for playing! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on what’s trending in the world today. 

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