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March 7, 2022

Show the world the type of brands and clients you want to work with.

As a Pinterest marketing and Design service provider, Lucky Bee has the pleasure of working with some really cool clients. From lifestyle bloggers, to interior designers, to food content creators – working with fun brands makes our work, well, more fun!

We took a poll around the studio to see what types of dream clients make us jump for joy and forget about our second (or third…) coffee cup of the day. These are our sources of inspiration, and encourage you to share who gets your creative juices flowing .

To our current clientele – you are our dream clients! Content creation is our specialty, and we are so lucky to say we love what we do. Read below to see what brands inspire us to create for you.

Home and lifestyle bloggers.

This is a huge category on Pinterest and I primarily use Pinterest for home design ideas in my free time. I also love that they have so much content available, it makes everything we do for these clients go more smoothly.” – Josie, CEO

A stationery brand/store.

I have been super into stationery since my early teens. I love beautiful notebooks and premium pens and colorful markers and use Pinterest a lot for inspiration on bullet journaling, so these types of brands would do well there.” – Nouchi, Design Assistant

NOTE: The spelling of stationery is commonly mixed up — stationary with an ‘a’ means in place, whereas stationery is the notebook version. Josie used to work for a stationery company, so she knows a thing or two about this common misconception.

Food bloggers and design entrepreneurs.

It’s fun to see what vegan and gf recipe curators can come up with! There’s something about seeing quality aesthetic design content that stirs the creative brain in me.” – Maya, Design and Marketing Intern

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