How I Manage Client Pinterest Profiles so They Seem 100% On-Brand

November 17, 2022

My Goals for My Pinterest Clients

As a Pinterest manager, a few of my goals for my clients are that:

  1. I never make them do unnecessary work. I want them to do as little as possible—they can forget their Pinterest logins if they want to!
  2. Their profile looks like they run it, but they also have five years of Pinterest experience (meaning it’s on-brand, but still looks professional AF).

At the beginning of our contracts with new clients, we follow a design process so that their pin designs are as on-brand as possible (see here for an example).

But in regards to brand voice, we also want to make sure that their audience knows who they are via their Pinterest copy. It still has to sound like them.

How We Make Sure Pinterest Copy Stays On-Brand

One way that we make sure to stay on-brand with pin titles and descriptions is by repurposing existing copy from our clients. We just make sure to tweak it by adding in keyword phrases before we post them.

So, for example, if a client posts an Instagram reel with this caption:

“Been thinking a lot about getting more branding photos done soon! Here are some props I’ve loved using in the past to really make branding photos stand out ⚡️”

And we know that a few keyword phrases that she should be using (thanks to prior keyword research) include:

  • branding photo prop ideas
  • branding portraits

We could repost this reel on Pinterest with the pin description:

“Been thinking a lot about [branding photo prop ideas] for my next branding photo session! Here are some props I’ve loved using in the past to really make your [branding portraits] stand out ⚡️”

This way, the Pinterest description still sounds like our client, but we were able to “naturally” replace some of her caption with important keyword phrases that she needs for her pins to be seen on Pinterest.

We take existing copy from product descriptions, blog posts, Instagram posts, Tik Tok captions, and even marketing emails! We love that it’s effective, but still sounds like something our clients would write.

Thanks for Reading!

If you need guidance on how to get started on Pinterest for your business, you can check out our blog post or download our free How to Set Up Pinterest for Business guide.

As always, if you’re interested in our Pinterest services, which range from full Pinterest management to pin design to keyword research, you can get more information here.

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