Predicted 2023 Trends Travel Bloggers Should Know

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January 4, 2023

Are you a travel blogger? Here are the predicted 2023 trends from Pinterest Predicts that we think you should know! Use these to inspire content creation as well as product creation (digital and tangible). The ideas are limitless!

“All Aboard”

Pinterest says:

More sustainable travel? That tracks. In 2023, train travel will make a major comeback. Thanks to quicker boarding, extra legroom, scenic views and a lower carbon footprint, Gen Z and Millennials will find a renewed love for this timeless mode of transportation. Searches for Europe interrailing, train quotes and train travel aesthetic are all trending way up.”

Predicted search trends:

  • Interrailing europe aesthetic +105%
  • Train trip aesthetic +205%
  • Train travel aesthetic +40%
  • Train quotes travel +285%
  • Indian railway station photography +175%

Content & Product Ideas:

  • Collaborate with a camera company to document your train travel journey through Europe
  • Create a Tik Tok with a train quote and popular audio
  • Share a blog explaining three ways why train travel is more sustainable than other options (car, bus, plane)

“Date Different”

Pinterest says:

“Dinner and a movie is so 2022. In the year ahead, Gen Z will embark on a different kind of dating experience, opting for experiential outings like bookstore dates, museum meet cutes and aquarium adventures. Because who needs ‘dinner and movie’ when you have ‘bookstore and manatee?’”

Predicted search trends:

  • Bookstore date +195%
  • Date picnic ideas +385%
  • Creative date night ideas +120%
  • Aquarium date +235%
  • Museum dates +70%

Content & Product Ideas:

  • Share your favorite sunset spots for a date picnic in your city
  • Collaborate with a brand to design a creative date night and promote their product or business
  • Design a digital product with a treasure hunt you can do during a bookstore date

All of this data is taken from Pinterest Predicts.

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