Predicted 2023 Trends Finance and Business Owners Should Know

January 4, 2023

Every year Pinterest Predicts releases their predicted 2023 search trends. Here are the ones financial advisors, accountants, and business owners should know!

“Cha-ching Challenge”

Pinterest says:

“Finance, but make it fun. This year, Gen X and Millennials will seek out new ways to gamify their finances, searching for budget challenges and saving games.”

Predicted searches:

  • 1000 savings challenge +185%
  • Bi weekly savings challenge +355%
  • Budget challenge +135%
  • Envelope challenge savings +155%
  • 100 envelope challenge +145%

Content and Product ideas:

  • Host the 100 envelope challenge and have your followers subscribe to your email list for emails that support, remind and encourage participants
  • Create a digital product for a spreadsheet that makes it easy to track progress in any one of these challenges
  • Post a Tik Tok with 3 ways that make it easy to cut costs during the week

All of this data is taken from Pinterest Predicts.

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