Predicted 2023 Trends Beauty Professionals Should Know

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January 4, 2023

Whether you own a skincare company, are a makeup artist or are a hairstylist, it’s important to know what’s trending in beauty! Here are the predicted 2023 trends that we think beauty professionals need to know. Use these to create products or inspire fun content creation for your marketing channels.

“Sci-Fi Fits”

Pinterest says:

“2023 fashion will be light-years ahead. Searches for dystopian outfits and futuristic fits will spike as Gen Z and Millennials opt for cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and gamer-girl styles.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Dystopian outfits +215%
  • Avant garde outfit +225%
  • Cyber streetwear +70%
  • Gamer girl look +3370%

Content Ideas:

  • Share your favorite hairstyle looks for an avant garde outfit in an Instagram Reel
  • Show how makeup can make your outfit look dystopian in a YouTube tutorial
  • Post a tutorial for a gamer girl hairstyle on Tik Tok

“Gemini Hair”

Pinterest says:

“Geminis don’t have to choose—your hair shouldn’t have to either. In 2023, two-toned tresses will take off more than ever. Gen Z and Millennials are behind this rising trend in hair color that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples and pinks—“blue and black braids” and “lavender and blonde hair” are on the up. Two is always better than one, just ask the Gemini in your life.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Blue and black braids +215%
  • Lavender and blonde hair +150%
  • Pink and lavender hair +345%
  • Brown to pink balayage +280%
  • Multi tone hair color +135%

Content Ideas:

  • Post inspiration for multi tone hair color on Instagram Stories
  • Share a tutorial for black and blue braids on YouTube shorts
  • Have your Instagram audience vote on their favorite “gemini” hairstyles via story polls

“Micro Makeover”

Pinterest says:

“From micro manis to barely-there bobs, this year’s beauty looks will be a cut above the rest. Millennials and Gen Z are trading in their long, coffin-shaped nails for mini French manis. They’ll opt for short braids and chopped bangs instead of long, luscious locks. In 2023, small beauty gets its big break. Farewell, so long.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Micro french nails +235%
  • Chopped bob haircut +550%
  • Micro bangs +110%
  • Short stiletto nails +80%
  • Short braid hairstyles +45%

Content and Product Ideas:

  • Create a press-on nail for short stiletto nails
  • Post an Pinterest idea pin for your favorite micro french nail inspiration
  • Upload an Instagram reel with a tutorial on your how to braid short hairstyles

“Crown Care”

Pinterest says:

“If you want to get a head start on hair care in 2023, go back to your roots. “Skinification,” or a focus on the scalp and crown of your head, will be a priority this year. Searches from Gen X and Boomers show an uptick in care for the scalp, like “scalp treatment” and “clean scalp.” This is your chance at a root revival. Now, who wants a scalp massage?”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Scalp massage techniques +55%
  • Clean scalp +55%
  • Scalp treatment for dry scalp +70%
  • Natural hair mask for growth +80%
  • Clean scalp build up +45%

Content and Product Ideas:

  • If you’re a skincare company, develop a scalp treatment for dry scalps
  • Post an Idea pin for a DIY natural hair mask
  • Show scalp massage techniques in a Tik Tok

“Chance of Showers”

Pinterest says:
“No bath? No problem. 2023 will be all about the elevated shower routine. Gen X and Boomers will turn rinsing into a ritual in the year ahead, searching for shower bombs and home spa bathrooms.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Shower routine aesthetic +460%
  • Shower bomb +90%

Content and Product Ideas:

  • Showcase your beauty products with the shower routine aesthetic on your social channels (video)
  • Develop a shower bomb for your beauty product line

All of this data is taken from Pinterest Predicts.

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