Predicted 2022 Pinterest Trends that Designers Need to Know

Predicted 2022 Pinterest Trends for Designers

January 3, 2022

If you work in a design industry—fashion, graphic design, art, or interior design—it’s always important to stay on top of trends. Last month Pinterest released their predicted 2022 pinterest trends report and we’re diving deep into it for designers.

Here are a few predicted 2022 pinterest trends you should know:

Dopamine Dressing

As designers, we know that fashion is a good predictor of branding and interior design trends. Pinterest expects to see searches for loud color and pattern choices. So think feel-good color palettes, electric blues, and rainbows for your design projects this year.

Here are predicted search increases:

  • rainbow dress women +2x
  • fuschia dress outfit +4x
  • electric blue outfit +140%
  • vibrant outfits +16x
  • gradient dress +95%
predicted search increases

Check out the trend here.

Be Jeweled

From tooth gems to eye embellishments, expect for things to be bedazzled more than ever. In terms of design trends, we’re thinking jewel tones as well as “sparkly” graphics on videos, gifs & more will be on trend for graphic design.

2022 Predicted Pinterest trends search increases:

  • tooth gem +85%
  • ear curation +3x
  • dermal piercing unique +145%
  • pedicure with rhinestones +150%
  • crystal eye makeup +110%

Learn more about the trend here.

Check Yourself

Expect to see checkers in all walks of life–from checkered tile, artwork and suits. Millennials and boomers are expected to drive this trend. Interior & graphic designers will likely incorporate this into branding & home design.

Predicted 2022 Pinterest trend search increases:

  • checkerboard pattern +160%
  • checkerboard nails +165%
  • checkered rug +4x
  • checkered floor +5x
  • checkered suit men +95%

Learn more about the trend here.

Oh My Goth

Pinterest is predicting that goth will become mainstream in 2022–and not just in clothing. Think business casual, goth baby clothes and even kitchen decor. Expect to see some dark design and home decor over the next year.

Predicted 2022 Pinterest Trend Search Increases:

  • goth business casual +90%
  • goth cowboy +70%
  • goth baby clothes +120%
  • goth kitchen decor +85%
  • goth pajamas +185%

Learn more about the trend here.

Hellenistic Revival

Gen Z is taking on everything Greek. If you’re a graphic designer, expect to see more timeless design in branding. If you work in the home industry, think greek color palettes such as blues, golds, and creams.

Trending search terms:

  • Ancient Greek jewelry +120%
  • Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper +180%
  • Ancient Greece aesthetic +65%
  • Greek statue art +3x
  • Corinthian column +40%

Learn more about the trend here.

Do you think any of these 2022 predicted Pinterest trends will actually trend? Let us know below or on Instagram!

Source: All data and images from the 2022 Pinterest Trends Report.

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