Pinterest Management Case Study: How a 30-Day Series Led to 125,000+ Views

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March 27, 2023

We gotta talk about why we loved this campaign!

One of our clients, Katie Wolf, created a 30-day video series titled Writer Bootcamp, where she shared 30 days of her best writing tips for writing a book.

Every day we re-posted this video series as idea pins on Pinterest. Here’s why we’re obsessed with this marketing campaign…

Pinterest Results from Writer Bootcamp

One week after the series ended, here were the stats from Pinterest alone:

  • 678 profile visits
  • 435 new followers
  • 1444 saves

And the best part? These stats will continue to go up because Pinterest content doesn’t die!

Why This Campaign Was Successful

We Had a Solid Pinterest SEO Foundation Already in Place

We had already worked with Katie for three months, so we had built a profile that had important keywords throughout (for example, her board titles, board descriptions, and existing pins).

We weren’t starting from zero!

We Encouraged Follows & Engagement

Katie started out each video by encouraging the viewer to follow her so they didn’t miss the rest of the series. That was huge!

We also included a call-to-action in the idea pin description that encouraged them to follow her and/or check out her other offerings (a podcast and a membership program).

She Knew Her Audience

This client knows her audience SO well. She knew what kind of content would grab their attention and also leave them wanting more (see screenshots below)!

Her Content Will Always Be Relevant (These Videos Were Evergreen)

Every video that she created for this 30-day series was evergreen, meaning that no matter when someone sees it, it will remain relevant and helpful for her audience. That’s the kind of content Pinterest LOVES to see! The best Pinterest content will inspire and help your audience.

We’re one week out from the series ending and the videos still continue to get views, likes, and profile follows. We expect this to continue for months if not years (yes, from this same series)!

We Used Keywords & Tags to Help with SEO

In the idea pin titles and descriptions, we used keywords that we knew would get more views on her series. We also knew which idea pin tags were relevant for these videos.

Our Takeaways From This Series

Good Content Is Queen

We can’t magically make you go viral. We can use practices that help, yes ma’am, but ultimately you need to know what will resonate with your audience.

Foundation is Princess

Here’s what also helps: giving us time to set up and grow your profile. We wouldn’t have seen these results right off the bat of managing this profile. Pinterest is a long-term game!

CTAs are Tiaras

If you’re devoting time to a big campaign like a 30-day series, please add a consistent CTA (follow me! watch my podcast! join my program!) to each video. It is the cherry on top of getting someone interested LONG-TERM, not just in that moment!

Want Help with Pinterest Management?

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