Meet the Team!

March 8, 2021

Over the past year, Lucky Bee has grown from a one-woman show to a wonderful team! Read below to learn more about everyone who is incredibly important to our mission.

Meet Josie, owner & ceo

Josie started Lucky Bee in January 2019 after freelancing on the side for three years. She graduated in 2016 from UW-Madison with two degrees in journalism (strategic communications) and spanish, and spent her first two years working at a global nonprofit in Baltimore before moving back to Minneapolis.

Here are her favorite…

  • Food: A chocolate milkshake, hands down!
  • Place to travel: Anywhere with mountains (but I love Colorado)
  • Thing to design: Magazines
  • TV Show: Schitt’s Creek (seen every episode at least twice!)

Fun Facts:

  • I have two rescue dogs named Bonnie & Anja 🙂
  • I love crafting—whether it’s making t-shirts, pom poms, knitting or cross-stitching
  • I recently started an Etsy store
  • I picked up skiing three years ago and am now obsessed
Meet Nouchi

Meet Nouchi, design assistant

Nouchi started in December 2020 and graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a degree in graphic design! She’s from St. Paul and is an amazing designer. Read more about her below!

Here are her favorite…

  • Food: Japanese food! My favorite dish is katsu!
  • Place to travel: Thailand, Seattle
  • Thing to design: Posters
  • TV Shows: The Office, Modern Family & Psych

Fun Facts:

  • I got into graphic design by designing K-Pop posters
  • I love bullet journaling
  • I have a 4 month old kitty named Alfie ????
  • I have the same birthday as Dr. Suess
  • I love marvel! My favorite hero is Captain America and Wanda/Scarlett Witch
  • For 24 years of my life I thought the goal of chess was to get the queen, and that that’s how you won (how come no one ever talks about the king? lol).
Meet Maya

Meet Maya, design & marketing intern

Maya started in February 2021 and is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She helps Lucky Bee by writing blogs, creating tik toks, and various marketing/design work!

Here are her favorite…

  • Food: sweet potatoes in any form
  • Place to travel: mountains. hiking or skiing, count me in!
  • Thing to design: food menus

Fun facts:

  • I love learning languages (Polish, Russian, Spanish)
  • I drink at least 2 cups of tea a day
  • I’m the editor-in-chief of Souvenirs (Josie was too in college!)
  • I know the words to almost every country song
  • I love dancing!

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