Do Followers Matter on Pinterest?

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March 27, 2023

Do followers matter on Pinterest? Let’s talk about it!

If you’ve used Pinterest personally, you probably know that most of the content you see is through Pinterest search and not from people you follow. Pinterest is more similar to Tik Tok than Instagram, in that way.

But in recent years, Pinterest’s algorithm has started to place more value in having followers.

Girl walking in field

So Do Followers Matter? The Short Answer: Yes!

From what I have learned, they actually often show your followers your content *first,* and then if it performs well, they will share it to a broader audience in Pinterest search.

So if that tidbit about how their algorithm works continues to be true, the audience that follows you on Pinterest *does* matter because you want them to save and engage with your content.

Their engagement tells the Pinterest algorithm, “hey, this is good stuff, show it to more people!”

But if you have the wrong audience follow you, they won’t be liking or saving your content. So Pinterest won’t be reminded that you make good, saveable content and they may share your pins less in search.

Followers Are More Likely To See Your Content

Not only does Pinterest show your followers your content first, but followers are also more likely to see your future content in their Pinterest feed. If you can encourage them to follow, they’ll miss less of what you post!

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