How to Repost an Instagram Reel or Tik Tok as an Idea Pin on Pinterest

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March 27, 2023

Every week I repost several of my clients’ Instagram reels as idea pins on Pinterest. Here’s how to do it!

Download Your Video

First, you’ll need to download your video. You can download directly from the platform (for ex. Instagram or Tik Tok), or you can use these websites:

Instagram Downloader

Tik Tok Downloader

Open the Idea Pin Builder

Next, go to Create > Create Idea Pin on Pinterest. Upload the video in the next screen.

Add a Title, Choose a Board and Add Tags

Next, you’ll add a title, choose a relevant Pinterest board that you’ve already created, and then add 10 tags that are relevant to your idea pin.

Add More Keywords in the Notes Section

You can add more keyword phrases under the “Add the Details” section under “notes.”

Publish Your Idea Pin

Next, hit publish!

Idea pins are such an easy and fast way to repurpose content that you have already spent hours on for another platform (Pinterest). They’re similar to Instagram’s reels in that they usually get a lot more impressions than other content on Pinterest because Pinterest wants you to post idea pins.

Need More Guidance?

If you want to watch me do this over video, you can watch the Reel below:

Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest at @luckybeecreative for more Pinterest tips!

Want to Pass This Off to Someone?

Do you want to grow your presence on Pinterest but don’t have time for it? Contact me here and I’ll send over my Pinterest services guide!

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