The Best Free Fonts in Canva

the best free fonts in canva

December 14, 2020

Hey! I’m excited to share that I created a freebie so you can make your marketing materials a little more professional AND beautiful.

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When I first started designing for clients, I was overwhelmed by the amount of fonts that existed—it was hard to know which ones looked good together, and which ones gave off the vibes I wanted to convey.

I know many of you may feel that overwhelm, so I put together a guide for choosing the best free fonts in Canva.

  • Inside you’ll find a short list of my favorite types of fonts:
  • ✨serif
  • ✨sans-serif
  • ✨display
  • ✨script
  • ✨retro
  • ✨& paragraph

It’s all yours—follow this link to get a copy! I hope this helps you create beautiful work ????

P.S. Did you know we have beautiful, completely customizable Canva templates? Check them out here!

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