Branding for Lesa Koski, Divorce Mediator & Lawyer

Lesa Koski Secondary Logo

April 14, 2022

Last year we got to design the branding for Lesa Koski, a divorce mediator and family lawyer in western Wisconsin. While talking to Lesa, it’s immediately clear that she has a big heart and cares deeply about her clients. You can tell that she is passionate about bringing peace to families during the painful process of getting a divorce. Although we hope to never work with her for personal reasons (haha) we can sense that she’d be an excellent option for a couple going through this big life event.

In addition, Lesa also hosts a podcast called Doing Divorce Different, so we wanted to incorporate that into her branding as well.

Lesa Koski Branding

Lesa Koski’s Mood Board

Lesa wanted a swan to represent her brand, as she likens her process as a swan gliding softly through a pond. We focused on these keywords:

  • tranquility
  • peace
  • softness
  • understanding
  • professional
Lesa Koski Mood Board

Lesa Koski Logo

For Lesa’s logo, we chose a timeless font that is both professional and soft. We also incorporated the swan gliding across the pond.

Lesa Koski Primary Logo with Swan
Lesa Koski Logos

Lesa Koski’s Secondary Logos

Our design assistant, Nouchi, designed Lesa’s secondary logo to symbolize stability and softness. We LOVE the LK brand mark and think it gives off a “lawyer” vibe that still has a feminine vibe.

Lesa Koski Secondary Logos
Lesa Koski Secondary Logo

Lesa’s Brand Colors

Lesa Koski Brand Colors

We picked colors for Lesa that are earthy, soft, professional, and calming.

Lesa’s Branding Elements

Lesa Koski branding elements

We designed branding elements that represent the following:

  • podcasting (sound waves, podcast mic)
  • divorce (hearts)
  • water waves (peace)


Lesa Koski Submark Pattern Design

We took Lesa’s branding and logo elements to create patterns that she can use on social media, in her email marketing, and her website.

Lesa Koski Swan Pattern Design

Instagram Templates for Social Media

Lesa Koski Podcast Cover

As a little bonus, we created some fun social templates so Lesa can announce new podcast episodes or provide some inspiration. We made these on Canva so that she can easily edit them without having to pay for design software!

Lesa Koski Podcast Cover
Lesa Koski Quote Instagram Template
Lesa Koski Instagram Template

What do you think of Lesa Koski’s branding? According to Lesa, we nailed it!

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