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January 4, 2023

“Airy Styles”

Pinterest says:

“2023 fashion will be filled with lace, tulle, ruffles and shimmer for everyone based on rising searches from Gen Z and Millennials. “Ruffle shirt for men” and “sheer pants outfit” are just two examples of this tulle-y trend. Time to trade in that moto jacket and your combat boots for ethereal details—no matter how you identify. This year will be a femme for all.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Shimmery dress +365%
  • Lace top long sleeve +225%
  • Tulle sleeves +65%
  • Ruffle shirt men +95%
  • Sheer pants outfit +70%

Content & Product Ideas:

  • Put together a reel of your favorite places to shop for airy styles
  • Create a blog with affiliate links to your favorite shimmery dresses
  • Collaborate with a fashion brand to put together a sheer pants outfit

“Rust Married”

Pinterest says:

“So long, something blue. Hues of terracotta, copper and burnt sienna will be frequent guests at weddings this year. Based on rising searches from Millennials and Gen X, you’ll see this smoldering color everywhere in 2023, from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses. And hey, if a big wedding isn’t your thing, you can-elope (sorry).”

Predicted search keyword phrase:

  • Orange dress outfit wedding +285%

“All the Raves”

Pinterest says:

“Rave culture will reign in the year ahead. As Gen Z and Millennials recover from over two years in lockdown, they’ll take over nightclubs, warehouses and house parties all over the globe. Techno style, rave fashion and house music outfits are all trending up.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • House music outfits +185%
  • Berlin rave fashion +250%
  • Techno style +60%

Content Ideas:

  • Go on Tik Tok live and share ideas for house music outfits
  • Share inspiration for Berlin rave fashion in a Pinterest idea pin
  • Share your favorite fashion pieces for a rave in a blog post

“Sci-Fi Fits”

Pinterest says:

“2023 fashion will be light-years ahead. Searches for dystopian outfits and futuristic fits will spike as Gen Z and Millennials opt for cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and gamer-girl styles.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Dystopian outfits +215%
  • Avant garde outfit +225%
  • Cyber streetwear +70%
  • Gamer girl look +3370%
  • Futuristic glasses +70%

Content Ideas:

  • Share a marketing email with your favorite places to shop for futuristic glasses
  • Create a tik tok showcasing your favorite movies with dystopian outfits
  • Put together a blog with your favorite dystopian accessories or jackets, etc.

“Romcom Core”

Pinterest says:

“Move over, barbiecore—there’s a new main character in fashion. In 2023, Gen Z and Millennials will romanticize their closets with slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants and claw clips. Get ready for a new kind of meet-cute, inspired by your favorite romantic comedies from the 2000s. For Millennials, this might be a nostalgic trend, but for Gen Z, it’s not-stalgic: Who says that just because you didn’t live through it, you can’t live in it?”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • 2000s girl +235%
  • Cool girl aesthetic outfits +140%
  • Pink mini skirt outfit +145%
  • Rhinestone dress +90%
  • Summer outfits vintage 90s +150%

Content ideas:

  • Create a reel recreating famous outfits from early 2000s movies
  • Give affiliate links for outfit sources in a blog or email for rhinestone dresses
  • Show how to style a pink mini skirt outfit in a Pinterest idea pin

“Fringe with Benefits”

Pinterest says:

“Fringe will make a major comeback in 2023—and not in the ways you might expect. Gen X and Millennials will trade in their typical tassels for free-swinging fringed outfits, dresses and jackets. And for the unconventional bride: Fringe wedding dresses are trending up.”

Predicted search keyword phrases:

  • Fringe dress outfit +255%
  • Tassel jacket +60%
  • Beaded fringe dress +75%
  • Fringe wedding dress +45%
  • Black fringe skirt outfit +155%

Content Ideas:

  • Go on Instagram live and share your favorite ways to style a tassel jacket
  • Create a blog with different ways to wear fringe this year (post affiliate links)
  • In a Tik Tok, share your favorite accessories to wear with a black fringe skirt

All of this data is taken from Pinterest Predicts.

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