Pinterest Design Insight: Creating On-Brand Pin Designs for The Road Les Traveled [SERIES]


March 30, 2022

Welcome back to our Pinterest Design Insight blog series where we create on-brand pin designs for some of our favorite brands and dream clients! If you missed our previous pin design blog for Papier, you can check the blog out here.

This month, we’re designing pins for Lesley Murphy, owner of The Road Les Traveled, a popular travel blog. She also created LimitLes Travel, a travel group that hosts intentional escapes for those seeking movement, purpose, connection, adventure & change for the greater good.

Lesley is a travel blogger, a mother, a BRCA previvor, and was even on the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’! We’ve been following her for years and love her content, so we thought it would be fun to give her Pinterest designs a little makeover.

The reason we started this series is that we at Lucky Bee believe strategic and beautiful pins really drive a brand’s engagement on Pinterest. Beautifully designed pins aren’t just pleasing to the eye—they convert, lead to more outbound clicks, and more successfully grab the attention of viewers (and potential leads)!

So, without further ado, let’s get to designing!

1. Branding Assets

Lesley’s branding seems pretty simple. Here are her branding assets, simplified for you.

2. Designing the Pins

We took a look at Lesley’s website and social media accounts to see how she’s currently using her branding elements. We imitate those design decisions and styles in our pin designs to ensure brand consistency so that her branding is recognizable and memorable across all platforms.

Below, we’ve compiled some screenshots showing the most prominent design styles that stood out to us.

Here are some things that I’ve noticed from her website:

  • Lesley’s main background color is a light gray, and will occasionally use a white box to highlight products, blogs, etc.
  • She also uses a pink border around sections on her website—some borders have padding between the border itself and the box with all the information while others have no padding at all.
  • She likes to create visual interest by offsetting images and text boxes.
  • CTA’s and links are in the form of a button (usually white background with pink border) or just plain text.
  • Lesley makes use of lots of photos throughout her website—they’re great visual aids to her copy!

Pin Design Outcome

Here are the pins we designed for Lesley. They’re on-brand and use most of the design styles we saw on her website.


We hope you liked the design insight into creating on-brand pin designs for The Road Les Traveled. Pinterest is a great way for travel bloggers to gain more views, leads, and just grow their brand awareness in general! There’s a huge audience for travel content on the social media platform, which makes it a great way for brands and businesses just like Lesley’s to grow.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional Pinterest manager to help you grow your Pinterest account, you can check out our services here! We offer services ranging from 1:1 Pinterest coaching to keyword research and pin design to full Pinterest account management.

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