Our Top 14 Fonts in Canva Pro

Lucky Bee Marketing

April 22, 2021

So. Many. Fonts! So many choices can make it harder to choose.

There is a variety of fonts in the design sphere, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options available to you. Especially once you upgrade to Canva Pro…where do you even start?! All fonts have their own personality and convey specific attitudes when used in branding, and it’s important to get to know font properties and how to use them.

Have no fear, we’ve decided we will do the initial heavy lifting for you. Below are our favorite serif and sans-serif fonts from Canva Pro. They are multi-purpose, so you can’t go wrong with any of them on your next project!

The Serif Fonts 

  • RoxboroughCF Light
  • Faraz Modern
  • Nexa Slab Thin
  • Argent Light
  • Quincy Thin
  • Woodland

The Sans-Serif Fonts

  • Evolve Sans
  • Code Pro
  • Gabriel Sans
  • Articulat 
  • Object Sans
  • Gordita
  • Noah
  • Mont

And there you have it. Let us know which fonts are your favorite by visiting our Instagram or Tik Tok profiles. You can also check out other neat features about Canva in our blog post that are a necessity for entrepreneurs. With these fonts in your pocket, we wish you happy designing!

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