Marketing Content Ideas for November 2021

October 28, 2021

We love using Pinterest trends to see what’s trending. But what many don’t realize is that you don’t need to use these trends to guide your pins on Pinterest! You can also use them to inspire blog post topics, emails, instagram posts, tik toks and more. And what’s more, we can promise that a big chunk of your audience likes using these platforms for entertainment—so don’t be afraid to share content that doesn’t necessarily relate to what you do. Even graphic designers can have some fun with sharing Christmas decorations or their autumn nails.

Here are our favorite marketing content ideas for November 2021:

What’s Trending in Travel/Lifestyle:


Dune is a book by Frank Herbert and was recently turned into a movie. If you do end up watching, feel free to share your insight on Tik Tok, in social posts, blog posts, etc., as we can guarantee a lot of people are talking about the story!

“Fall Family Photos”

If you’re a photographer or lifestyle blogger, this category is for you! Share anything from family fall outfit ideas to photography tips so families can plan their holiday card photoshoots.

“Things to Do at a Sleepover”

Many children didn’t get the chance to have sleepovers during the pandemic. If you’re a mom or lifestyle blogger, it’d be great to put up lists of things to do at a sleepover as many parents and kids are pinning ideas for that right now.

What’s Trending in Home Decor:

“Xmas Decorations”

At the time of writing this blog post, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet! People have began decorating their homes for Christmas earlier and earlier with each passing year. Since it’s starting to trend on Pinterest though, we can guarantee that your audience is probably already planning how to decorate their homes for Christmas. From table decorating ideas to tree decor tips, there’s so much to share on this topic.

“DIY Christmas Wreaths”

If you’re a DIY blogger, this is a great topic to create content for. Show your audience how to make unique, beautiful Christmas wreaths on Tik Tok, Instagram and on your blog.

“Small Rooms Ideas Aesthetic”

Many millennials are still in apartments and likely have smaller living spaces. If you’re a home blogger, consider sharing tips to help them decorate small spaces (especially for the holidays)!

What’s Trending in Beauty:

“Chunky Highlights” “Black Hair Inspiration” & “Long Haircuts with Bangs”

Ok Y2K fans we got some good news for you: chunky highlights are back in! So if you’re a beauty blogger, you may want to make a trip to the salon to try out one of these trends…

“Nails 2021 Trends Autumn”

Fall nails are in. There are different ways to do them, so go check out some ideas to try on Pinterest!

Prediction: Thanksgiving Nails

It’s not trending quite yet, but we predict we’ll see some nail art with a turkey or two soon.

What’s Trending in Food:

“Soup” + “Chili”

If you’re a food, home or lifestyle blogger, you’ve got to start sharing soup and chili recipes ASAP. Not a blogger? It might be fun to spice up your content by sharing your favorite soup recipe with your audience!

Prediction: Thanksgiving Appetizers, Meals, Sides, Desserts, Etc.

If you’re on Pinterest, you should already be sharing these recipes. If you’re not, then plan to share them the week before thanksgiving when everyone is starting to plan their Thanksgiving meals in the U.S.

Prediction: Thanksgiving Drinks

Thanksgiving recipes include fun drinks, too! Try sharing warm alcoholic drink recipes as well.

What’s Trending in Fashion:

“Autumn Fits” “Fall outfits 2021”

Fall came late where we live (in Minnesota). People will still be on the lookout for fall fashion advice.

“Pumpkin Patch Outfit”

These are basically fall outfits that you wear to outings.

Predicted: Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas & Other Fall Events

Start sharing outfits that people can wear to Thanksgiving as well as fall weddings. They’ll be trending very soon!

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