How to Use Pinterest Trends in Your Marketing Efforts (Instagram & Tik Tok, Too!)

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September 8, 2021

We’ve been sharing Pinterest trends on our Instagram account, blog and newsletter recently, and they’re not so you can be aware of them for your own personal pinning purposes (although feel free to do that too)!

Here are ways this info will help you grow your business:

1. Share relevant tips & tricks everywhere (Instagram, FB, Email, Blog, everywhere!)

If something is trending, there’s a good chance that it’s on your audience’s radar, too.

Here’s a relevant example: right now productivity and time management are trending as summer fades away, so if you’re a service provider, it’s a great time to share any tips for getting back on track for fall. And don’t just share this on Pinterest—we can assure you your Instagram followers, email subscribers, etc want to see it too.

2. Use them to entertain your audience

According to a research study we’re in, 43% of consumers use social media for entertainment.

A lot of business owners share content that’s solely educational or salesy, and they’re missing out on the chance to connect with their audience in a fun way.

So if you see that Halloween is trending, consider creating a fun Halloween reel, tik tok or graphic, sharing old Halloween costumes from your childhood, or your favorite fall treat. It may not be business-related, but it’s a great way to get to know your audience better.

3. Repurpose old (relevant) content

Evergreen content like this is *chef’s kiss* for busy entrepreneurs because we don’t have to spent more time coming up with new content.

If you wrote a great fall decorating blog last year and you see that fall decor is trending again, you should reshare it on your channels!

Does this help? Watch our “Trending” highlight on Instagram for more examples. We want to help you!

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