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February 24, 2021

Last Friday I was participating in a random “get to know me” Q&A on Instagram Stories when one of my followers asked to name my dream client.

To be perfectly honest, I feel like I am already working with so many dream clients and I hadn’t given this much thought…but if I could work with anyone, who would it actually be?

With new services rolling out and new systems constantly being revised and updated, I am excited to say that I am starting to form more of an idea of what kinds of businesses benefit the most from working with Lucky Bee. Whether that’s branding, web design or through our Pinterest services. Because not only do I want to work with people who I vibe with, I also want my clients to truly get the most of our their investment with Lucky Bee.

And thanks to the 2020/2021 trend of manifestation, I’m going to put these dream client types out into the universe (aka, this blog post) and share a few entrepreneurs who I would love to work with one day…

1. Artists

I freaking love artists. I love the creative, energetic hum that surrounds them and all of the feelings that they capture and turn into physical items in this world.

Not only that, but I know artists with physical products (think print shops, clothing, digital downloads, etc.) would highly benefit from using Pinterest marketing, and for a few reasons.

  1. Their work is beautiful and unique, so it’s easy for them to stand out on this visual platform (and many pinners are *not* designers, let me tell you).
  2. Product pins can go viral for years and years and years. Can you say passive selling, much?

Here are a few dream artists I would love to work with:

  • Persika Design Co. – I absolutely love her style, and she is living in Milwaukee (I am a Minnesconsin gal)!
  • Ashley Mary – I did work with her wholesaler for a few years, Design Loop, and loveddd working with her products (and personally have her art hanging in my office!)
  • Annie Quigley – Her artwork is so beautiful and she is launching a print shop soon (which I am excited about!)
  • Art by Aleisha – Aleisha is a fellow native Minnesotan and creates beautiful, custom maps. Not only is she an artist, but she’s a blogger too!

Which brings me to my next category…

2. Bloggers

If you’re a blogger and you’re not using Pinterest, you are seriously missing out on so much website traffic. I can’t tell you how many Instagram bloggers that I follow have said they get very little website traffic and revenue from Instagram—I actually have a client who has 40,000 followers on Instagram, yet only gets 0.5% of her web traffic from the platform. As for her Pinterest account (which we manage), she gets 70% of her web traffic from it!

So why is Pinterest so great for bloggers? For one, Pinterest now favors “fresh” pins, or fresh content. Meaning that they recently changed their algorithm to love new things that you are publishing on the platform. If you have 50+ blogs, aka 50+ URLs to link to, Pinterest will have a field day with your content. And if your branding is top-notch, you have interesting photos and your website has a great user experience, even better!

Here are a few bloggers who I would love to work with:

  • Oenone – I have been following this lady since 2017 and I love her style, lifestyle and take on social justice issues. Although she uses Instagram rather than her website as her personal blog, I would love to help her monetize further by redesigning her brand and website and then uploading her Instagram captions into separate blogs. And of course, it would be amazing to help her get on Pinterest after that!
  • The Road Les Traveled – Once again, I have been personally following Lesley on Instagram for a few years now and absolutely adore her travel content. I would especially love to help with pin design!

3. Photographers

It may seem somewhat surprising that Pinterest would be a great tool for photographers, right? But nowadays, many photographers want to travel all over the world for their clients (elopements are definitely in this year!) and they often offer more passive income services, such as digital products (presets or prints) or education services. Not only is Pinterest great for selling their products and services, but they also have tons of great content to share, which as I mentioned before, Pinterest absolutely loves to see!

I would loveee to work with these photographers (among many others, of course!):

  • Tara Elise Photography – I actually just did a brand photoshoot in her studio and it was so beautiful! Tara has several different income streams (elopements, education, etc.) that make Pinterest a perfect fit for her.
  • Jackie Sterna – Jackie is truly an artist and I adore her edgy style. She makes everyone woman look like a bada$$.
  • Lindsey Roman – I love Lindsey’s realness in the online space so much. And like Tara, her content would do extremely well on Pinterest (presets, blogs, podcast episodes, etc.)

I want to end this blog by saying that if you’re a current client reading this and are wondering if you’re a “dream client,” please know that you absolutely are! I truly love you all and am so grateful that I get to help you grow your business!



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