10 Emails You Need Set Up for Your Business

October 20, 2020

Want to hear some crazy stats about how effective email marketing can be?

Here are a few…

  • 4.3 billion consumers are forecasted to use email in 2023
  • 49% of consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands
  • 59% of marketers say email marketing is their biggest return-on-investment
  • Email can be up to 40 times more effective than social media at selling products and/or services!

If that doesn’t convince you to start setting up email marketing as you’re reading this, well, I don’t know what will.

The thing about email marketing is that starting from scratch can easily feel overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make–what will your email marketing platform be? How often will you send out emails? What will you even talk about?

In my ‘Five Ways to Build Your Email List’ Freebie, I provide a checklist for those just starting out. (You can sign up for my email list to snag a copy!)

After you choose an email provider, I recommend designing the following email templates, depending on if you are a shop or a blogger…

Recommended Email Templates for a Shop:

You can break these down into two categories: transactional emails and engagement emails.

Here are the transactional (automated) emails you should set up:

  • Here’s Your Order Confirmation
  • Your Order Has Shipped
  • Your Order Has Been Delivered
  • Please Review Your Purchase
  • Here’s Your Gift Card
  • Abandoned Cart

Here are the engagement emails you (or an email designer) should set up:

  • Welcome To Your Email List (can be a 1-5 email sequence)
  • Newsletter
  • Promotional Template (think discount deals, new product launches, etc.)
  • Happy Birthday Email
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Recommended Email Templates for a Blogger:

These emails are similar to a shop after you cut out the transactional emails. The goal of these should be to get your audience to visit your website, and/or connect with you on social media.

Here are the emails you (or an email designer) should set up:

1. Welcome To Your Email List Sequence

In your welcome sequence, you have the chance to build trust, gain authority, and introduce yourself and your business. The better these emails are, the more likely your audience will continue to open emails down the line.

That’s why it’s vital to have some type of freebie or incentive to get someone to open that first email from you. Give them a discount code, create a PDF guide that’s specific to your industry, or give them access to templates that you use (doesn’t have to be design—this could be a budgeting spreadsheet or checklist for cleaning your kitchen)!

From there, you can include links to your most-visited blogs, your social channels and more. But more than anything, you should make it clear what your emails will do for your audience.

2. Newsletter

Your newsletter can be anything you want, but more than anything it should encourage your audience to visit your website/make a purchase from you.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Include a short, personal note about what’s new with your business or in your life
  2. Include links to your latest and hottest blogs
  3. Give your audience something to download in each newsletter (for example, a phone/desktop background, stock photos, etc.)
  4. News about any in-person events that you may be hosting or attending
  5. Something that may have inspired you lately
  6. A quotes that have been meaningful to you lately or a thought that’s been on your mind

Well, those are the basic email templates that I recommend setting up for anyone who has an online business. If you’re looking for help designing any of the emails listed above, you know who to call! 😉

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