5 Tips On Starting TikTok For Business

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March 16, 2021

Here are 5 quick tips for the entrepreneur who wants to start a TikTok account for their small business!

TikTok can be a little intimidating to get into, but it is worth it. The app has over 2 billion downloads worldwide, giving you a huge potential to reach many eyes. If you post consistently, your dream audience will find you and you can direct them to your website, where they will engage even more with your brand. The growing popularity of TikTok is an opportunity for your business to stay on top of business trends and continue to grow your business. Here are 4 tips for you as you think how to start marketing your business on this new platform.

#1 Get to know the platform.

This goes without saying, but you need to become a consumer before you become a creator.  Create an account, find some content you like, and note what about the content makes you like it. Is it the fact that they have a consistent color scheme? What camera angles do they use? Do they shoot outdoors or indoors? Take production notes and see what you would want to (or not want to) implement in your own content. That being said, remember to use other people’s videos as inspiration, not as ideas to copy. People want to see YOUR unique content!

#2 Find your niche audience.

With TikTok’s enormous user base, you HAVE to establish who you will be marketing your videos to so your audience can find you. Yes, TikTok’s average user is younger, but your target audience does not have to be. Pick an audience that you will be making your content for, and speak their language. What is your niche topic? What can you teach? Keep your audience in mind when planning all this out.

#3 Be new.

Give your audience content that only you can give them. Share unique experiences you have, tips you found useful, or fun facts that someone could benefit from. Think of your topic and write down the first 5-10 things that come to mind when you think of content. Then crumple up that list and throw it out. Those first 5-10 things you thought of someone else also probably thought of already, so with those cliches out of your head you have a clean slate to brainstorm more ideas with!

#4 Show your personality.

Before you start your first video, make a plan for the theme you want your TikToks to have. Will there be a color scheme? A brand “face”? Think of two to three things that will make your feed display consistency, which will play into the aesthetics as well.

#5 Share your TikTok.

After you make your video, post it in as many relevant places as possible. You want your friends and clients to know that you make content that they can watch or share with someone who would benefit from your message. Post it to your TikTok feed (obviously 🙂 ), your website, your blog posts, your Instagram and other social media. The more platforms your content is on, the more eyes can see it, point it toward your target audience and follow your content.

Speaking (or rather writing…) from experience, these five tips are what define the line between average videos and videos that get shared. TikTok is booming by the day, and your small business could benefit from using this opportunity in at least one way: exposure. Approaching this marketing project in an intentional way is critical to make your TikToks stand out and grow your audience on another platform.

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