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March 28, 2019

beautiful chaos

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Beautiful Chaos is a boutique home renovation and interior design & styling company that believes in creating joy through custom, functional design.

We’ve been working with them for more than three years and have done everything from designing their website to growing and managing their email list. In 2019, our marketing efforts led to 4,000+ new email subscribers, a 300% increase in web traffic, and a 1000% increase in web traffic from Pinterest. 

beautiful chaos portfolio


We designed two different “freebies” for Beautiful Chaos last fall. 

The first was a Back to School Survival Guide, which we created with tips from Beautiful Chaos and Clean Mama. After promoting it through Beautiful Chaos’ and Clean Mama’s channels, we successfully added almost 2,000 new subscribers to their email lists.

In November, we created the Holiday Survival Guide with tips from Beautiful Chaos, Clean Mama and Style and Grace Interiors. We successfully collected more than 1,000 new email subscribers with this guide. The Holiday Survival Guide is also a preview of what Beautiful Chaos’ new branding will look like (which we are designing as well).

View: Back to School Survival Guide

View: Holiday Survival Guide

social media: pinterest

Monthly Viewers: 5 M+

Monthly Web Sessions: 13,000

After a year of working to grow their Pinterest, Beautiful Chaos now consistently reaches more than 1 million monthly viewers. More than half of Beautiful Chaos’ web traffic comes from Pinterest alone; in fact, three of their projects have been pinned more than 15,000 times. This accounts for 3600 new visitors to their website each month, and many of them sign up for our newsletter. Several of the pins featured here have been pinned hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

email marketing

Average Open Rate: 32%

Home Industry Open Rate Average: 17.3%

Average Click Rate: 10%

Home Industry Click Rate Average: 2.1%

We created Beautiful Chaos’ newsletter in September 2017. Since then, we have set up a monthly blog roundup, monthly newsletter, drip-campaigns, and event campaigns.

Over the past 15 months, Beautiful Chaos has grown its list to 6000+ through event and shop offerings, lead forms, and social media campaigns.

social media: instagram

When we first began working with Beautiful Chaos, they had over 15,000 followers in late 2017. Their account now has more than 42,000+ followers. Although they prefer to run the account themselves, we often create stories and campaigns that connect larger marketing efforts.

print design

We’ve designed several materials over the years, including brochures, postcards and media kits. Recently, we completely designed their first interior design book, Divinely Designed: A Beautiful & Functional Home, which they published in March 2020.

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