The Power of “Freebies”

November 11, 2021

Want to know one of my favorite marketing hacks? Freebies.

Otherwise known as a whitepaper or lead magnet, freebies are essentially a “free” piece of content that you share with your audience in exchange for their email address.

Here’s an example of what freebies can do for your business:

To give a little background, my oldest client is an interior designer in the Twin Cities metro.

When I first began helping her develop a holistic marketing strategy four years ago, she had roughly 12,000 followers on Instagram and a few thousand on Facebook, but not much of an online presence elsewhere.

From experience, I knew how important having an email list could be for growing her business. It could help her connect with potential clients in a more personal way, and I knew that she would be able to own this email list in the event that something happened to her social accounts (spoiler: her IG account of 44k followers was hacked and deleted in 2021, so my instinct was right!).

We started her list in 2017. Through events and past client connections, we had grown it to a few hundred by 2019. She had a book launch planned for early 2020, and I knew how important her email list would be for selling her book so we began brainstorming list growth campaigns for fall 2019.

Our first campaign, a freebie that contained a decor & cleaning guide, was a huge success. Although it was “free,” we added 2,100 subscribers to her list from it alone. Not only that, but since it’s evergreen content, we still continue to promote and use it to grow her email list every year.

This was clearly a successful partnership, and a few months later, we created a second survival guide for the winter holidays. This second “freebie” lead to an additional 1200 subscribers on her email list.

So all said and done, two different freebies increased this client’s email list by 3300 subscribers (and counting) in a period of only a few months. And since they’re evergreen content, they’ll continue to grow her email list as long as the links are live. Pretty neat, right?

Freebies are *so* powerful when it comes to growing your email list.

If you’re thinking about creating one to grow your email list in the new year, I’m excited to announce that we are launching a new service with Kendall from the Candid Collective called The Sweeter than Honey Service Funnel.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Develop a freebie idea that will be unique to your audience’s needs
  • Write and design the freebie according to your brand guidelines
  • Create a strategic landing page so your audience will sign up for your email list to get the freebie
  • Write and design a 3-part automated welcome email series to introduce new subscribers to your business & service

Developed by a professional copywriter (hey, Kendall!) and designer (that’s me!), we can promise that it will be *chef’s kiss* for growing your audience.

We’ll be launching this new service with limited spots in early December. ???? Get on our waitlist today to take $1000 off as well as first dibs on a date!

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